3096 DAYS (2013)

1h 51min | Biography, Crime, Drama | 11 April 2013

Vienna, March 2, 1998. Natascha Kampusch is ten years old when she is dragged into a white van by unemployed communication engineer, Wolfgang Priklopil, on her way to school. The kidnapper does not want a ransom - he wants to own the girl. Beneath his house in a middle class residential area, Priklopil has built a secret cell to imprison her. This two by three meter space will be Natascha's barren prison cell for the next eight and a half years. Storybooks, favorite cookies and goodnight kisses serve to soften violence, humiliation and constant starvation. But this prison does not break Natascha Kampusch - it makes her stronger. Each day, each breath is a small defiant victory. In 2006, she finally manages to escape and Wolfgang Priklopil commits suicide.

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